About Us

PGM Reball are the UK’s leading technical experts in ballscrew design and manufacture and provide a unique range of linear motion technology and services.  We have been designing and repairing ballscrews for over 30 years so there’s not much we don’t know.  We offer expert advice and guidance when selecting the best solution and our own UK based innovative niche manufacturing provides our OEM customers with solutions that are truly unique and bespoke.  Our expertise extends to Actuators and Linear Guides and because we manufacture in the UK we provide a truly consultative experience for our customers large or small.

Repair & Rebuild

Big and Small Ballscrew 2231 1745With over 500 customers ranging from small service engineers to multi-national OEMs we service, repair and rebuild a range of linear motion systems (components) using an intensive and fully traceable process developed over 40 years. Our standard Ballscrew Repair Service comes with a full inspection report and carries a 3 month warranty.   We are often able to provide an immediate quote over the phone for standard repairs.

Our machining facility is equipped to re-manufacture damaged parts using our CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding machine tools as well as a full range of manual machines.  Our shop floor team are toolmakers so parts can be re-engineered either from scratch or from samples often to a better specification than the original.  In a breakdown situation this saves both time and money in sourcing a complete replacement.

Ballscrew & Actuator Manufacturing

Made to order in the UK we can design and manufacture miniature and small ballscrews in standard materials to your specification or standard drawing.  We also specialise in stainless steel and exotic materials.   Our unique Black Titanium™ Linear Screw is extremely light weight and compact and is used for applications requiring smooth running and precise positioning and is particularly suitable for harsh environments.

New Ballscrews, Actuators & Linear Guides

We supply a number of OEMs in the UK and Europe backed up by a technical knowledge of linear motion systems that is probably the best on offer in the UK.  We can offer an unbiased solution to meet your needs from a range of manufacturers including Hiwin, THK, NB Linear, NSK and Bosch.  We also source components from further afield and from smaller niche manufacturers.  Our in-house ballscrew design capability means you get a great technical solution which is also independent.

Approvals & Accreditations

ISO and AS9100 logos either side of UKAS logo

We are proud of our long association with aerospace customers and hold AS9100 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008 as well as approvals from Westland Helicopters and Dunlop Aerospace.  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are currently working towards ISO 14001Here is what the BBC said about us!


Here’s what the BBC said about us