Manufacture for OEMs

Made to order in the UK we can design and manufacture miniature and small ballscrews in standard materials to your specification or standard drawing.  We also specialise in stainless steel, titanium and other exotic materials.   We focus heavily on R&D and push the boundaries in terms of innovation and design.

Black Titanium™ Lead Screw

The ballscrew goes back to its roots with our unique Black Titanium™ Lead Screw.  Design by and completely unique to PGM Reball it is extremely light weight and compact and is used for applications requiring smooth running and precise positioning and is particularly suitable for harsh environments. Most cleverly it is as efficient as a comparable ballscrew.

Integrated Linear Ballscrew

Our Integrated Linear Ballscrew is compact and lightweight. It occupies a fraction on the space of conventional technology and current customers have benefitted from significant commercial advantage over their competitors because of the subsequent increase in production output from the same machine envelope.

Titanium Ballscrews

With our aerospace heritage it was inevitable that we developed a ballscrew made from Titanium.    Also applicable to the Automotive and Space sectors our Titanium ballscrew is extremely light weight and efficient.