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Q. How does a temporary ballscrew repair work?

A temporary repair restores a ballscrew to the best functional condition possible given the level of damage or wear.  There may be damage to the tubes or inserts of the recirculating mechanism or to the wipers or brushes or pitting or damage to the thread of the nut or shaft.   Because we can’t restore the performance of the ballscrew to an ‘as new’ condition the repair doesn’t carry a warranty.

After examination if we believe the damage may hold out for a while and it does not unduly impair the performance of the mechanism we are able to rebuild the ballscrew as normal on the understanding that the ballscrew will perform for a limited period only,

Q. What are the advantages of Ballscrews compared to Lead Screws?

Ballscrews convert rotary motion to linear motion. The ball bearings are the anti-friction element between the ballscrew shaft and nut.

Ballscrew dynamics and positioning accuracy primarily depend on the accuracy of production and the technical implementation of the specified tolerances.  PGM Reball manufacture in the UK to AS9100 Rev C so you are assured that production and technical aspects of manufacturing meet the standards necessary.

The advantages of ballscrews as compared to lead screws are:

  • Considerably longer lifetime due to lower friction
  • Very high traverse speeds
  • Low heat generation
  • Very high positioning accuracy
  • Very high efficiency
  • Less input power required
  • Lower axial play