Miniature Ballscrews

PGM Reball manufacture miniature ballscrews in the UK

  • Ground miniature ballscrews
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Made from stainless steel or carbon steel
  • Standard range starts from 8mm up to 16mm shaft diameter
  • Exceptionally high load rating – see tables ‘SAM’ ‘SCM’ ‘SEF’
  • We work to aerospace standards and are accredited to AS9100 Rev C

We can make to order to your specific requirements or you can choose form our standard range ‘SAM’ ‘SCM’ or ‘SEF’.  

All our miniature ballscrews have an exceptionally high load rating – see the following pages for more information ‘SAM’ ‘SCM’ ‘SEF’.  We work to aerospace standards and are accredited to AS9100 Rev C.

We use stainless steel where optimum corrosion resistance is required and standard carbon steel for maximum hardness where corrosion is less of an issue.

We can also supply rolled ballscrews to order normally on next day delivery

Call us now on 01455 618100 to discuss your requirements.

Our own Miniature Ballscrews – General Information

Ballscrew dynamics and positioning accuracy primarily depend on the accuracy of production and the technical implementation of the specified tolerances.

Our standard Miniature Ballscrews are all designed and made in the UK under AS9100 Rev C and are supplied using Carbon Steel material hardened to 60 ±2 HRC. We can also manufacture in Stainless Steel where corrosion resistance is vital.

Thread Profile

Line diagram of thread profileOur miniature ballscrews have “Gothic Arch” thread profiles and with the optimal relationship of ball diameter to track radius this thread profile generates a contact angle between shaft and nut of around 45°.

This gives our ballscrews very favourable running characteristics at maximum axial loads. The ball track profiles for all our miniature ballscrews are ground after heat treatment using the most advanced machines.



Chart of Axial PlayThe pre-loading force is the axial force within a nut system to increase running accuracy. As they are extremely precisely formed, our ballscrews can be preloaded as standard using a four-point contact system. This enables us to attain optimum rating values.



Tolerance Class

Our Ballscrews are manufactured to tolerance Class 3, 5 & 7 according to DIN 69051

PGM Reball Miniature Ballscrew Part Numbering System

Table showing how the part numbering system is built





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