A small ballscew with ball bearings

Ballscrew Repairs


Call us now on 01455 618100 for an immediate free quote and to book your repair in to our workshop.

We service, repair and rebuild all makes of ballscrews and cover Hinckley, Leicester, Coventry and the UK

  • Any make, any size
  • Intensive and fully traceable process developed over 40 years
  • Full inspection report
  • 3 month warranty
  • We have a standard price list so there are no hidden charges


Ballscrew Nut with internal probe measurement

            • We use endoscope technology to assess the inside diameter of the ball nut
            • Our optical projection facility exams thread forms and dimensions to within 0.001mm accuracy
            • Using our Vertical High Speed test rig we can test for endurance and running temperatures
            • We take full digital image recordings

Temporary Repair

If your ballscrew is too badly damaged to be repaired we can generally carry out a temporary repair.  Find out how a temporary repair can be a good interim solution see our knowledge base pages.

If you need a replacement we produce a full design drawing from your sample and order on your behalf.  We also have a wide range of new ballscrews in stock.


Our machining facility is equipped to re-manufacture damaged parts using our CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding machine tools as well as a full range of manual machines.  Our shop floor team are toolmakers so parts can be re-engineered either from scratch or from samples often to a better specification than the original.  In a breakdown situation this saves both time and money in sourcing a complete replacement.

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